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finally decided on the specs for my new desktop...

case: Silverstone FT01-SW

cpu: intel core i7 920 (defaults at 2.6 GHz, but easily overclock'able to 3.8)
motherboard: Asus P6T
video card: GeForce 9800 GTX+ (this is in my current box, just moving it over)
ram: 6GB 1600 DDR3 (I don't really need 6 gigs, but the new intel cpu's use triple channel instead of dual)
OS drive: 64GB ssd
data storage: 2 x 1TB sata drives + RAID card (drives will be going in a RAID1)

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paid off my credit card today, finally.

next step will be replenishing my savings account, which I've taken about $1,500 from over the past year or two... I'd really like to get back to a point where I've got enough money in savings that I could live off of it for 6+ months (currently it's probably around 3-4)
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xbox live

 my 360 got delivered today and I'm all setup on live if I've got any friends out there with an xbox :)

my live name is loki8481 (original, I know. lol)

currently playing Eternal Sonata, but I'll probably drop it when Fallout 3 gets delivered later this week
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 I broke down and bought an XBox 360 today :o

first console system I've bought since my PS2 back in 2000. lol. I've been thinking about it for awhile (starting to get bored with PC gaming again and it saves me a hundred dollars by not having to buy the roku) and when I got a 20% off coupon for it, it was too hard to turn down... after the coupon and various gift cards that have been rattling around in my wallet, my elite 360 ended up being like $97 out of pocket.

hopefully it ships soon... lately I've really been feeling like I'm teetering on the edge of just quitting WoW. maybe it's just because we've been farming the exact same content since December and the immortal achievement is such a joke that we've all just given up on it. at any rate, I can't wait for Ulduar to come.
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I accepted the job.

and on an unrelated note, I've seriously been considering the idea of moving to Asbury Park or Ocean Grove, despite the commute.
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so... I have a job offer.


+more technical position
+potentially put me in a better position to find a new job in the future should I suddenly find myself unemployed


-I'd be working every saturday and sunday (plus 2 more weekdays of my choosing)
-brand new situation doing something I've never done before... what if I suck at it?
-potentially screwing over my entire current department by bailing when we're already short staffed